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Real Property Matters

Mr. Sherman has and continues to represent clients related to various real estate matters ranging from property conditions, transactions, and title. These have included simple review of documents to full trials on disputed boundaries, easement rights, nuisances, trespasses, involving fences, trees, noise or other encroachments or disturbances of the free use of property. While Mr. Sherman has resolved many cases via court-ordered or other voluntary mediation or settlements, vigorous investigation and factual preparation is most always essential and legal counsel and their clients must be prepared to go to trial.

Subjects, cases and clients of Mr. Sherman have involved buying, selling, developing, entitling, owning, renting and/or financing real property, and have also included purchasing and selling disputes, partnership disputes, partition actions, quiet title actions, mortgage and deed of trust disputes, foreclosures, receiverships, contract disputes, easement disputes, eminent domain and inverse condemnation actions, landlord-tenant disputes and actions for rent (see below), enforcement of CC&Rs, and title insurance claims.

Code Enforcement Actions

Mr. Sherman has both prosecuted and defended numerous construction issues brought by individuals and local agencies demanding the elimination, abatement, and/or compliance with code violations. These actions typically include built or natural conditions of real property that are alleged to not comply with current or past laws. While many disputes can often be resolved with voluntary compliance, the costs and ability to do so are often complex, time extensive, and can amount to many tens of thousand of dollars. In such cases, attorney review, advice, and defense of cases is essential. As experienced legal counsel in these matters, Mr. Sherman has succesfully defended and prosecuted such cases based on absolute defenses such as agencies’ and others’ mistaken interpretation of laws, and preexisting legal rights associated with grandfathered and nonconforming uses. A thorough review of all facts and laws is necessary by competent legal counsel.

Our Experience

Craig A. Sherman is an attorney with over 20 years legal experience in real estate matters involving boundaries, easements, title, transactions, property condition disclosures, trespass, nuisances, and landlord-tenant leasehold matters. His clients have included private homeowners, homeowners’ associations, and neighborhood groups.

Mr. Sherman has represented numerous clients in cases involving prosecution and defense of trespasses, nuisances, boundary or easement infringements, defects in title, dangerous conditions, house and condominium CC&R rules violations, condo floor noise violations, zoning code violations, negligent or incomplete contractor work, residential and commercial leases and he has successfully negotiated, drafted, and had easement and land sale transactions prepared and recorded.


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