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Environmental Law & Litigation

Mr. Sherman has extensive experience advocating and representing client matters and subjects related to and arising from decisions of various local, state and federal agencies, including planning commissions, board of zoning appeals, city councils, Water Quality Control Boards, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and Bureau of Reclamation, to name a few, based on decisions and actions pertaining to land uses and development approvals that have adverse impacts on the environment. Mr. Sherman has prosecuted dozens of cases under the California Environmental Quality Act involving both urban fringe and inner city development projects that have had the propensity to drastically alter environmental qualities of community character, built residential neighborhoods and commercial areas. Mr. Sherman also litigates land use decisions and development actions located in the coastal zone and involving the California Coastal Act.

Our Experience

Craig A. Sherman is an attorney with over 20 years legal experience in environmental, land use and other property related matters. A large percentage of his practice has been devoted to public interest environmental law where he has obtained numerous victories via judgments and settlements in natural habitat and species conservation throughout Southern California.

Mr. Sherman has represented numerous local and nationally recognized environmental and public interest groups in dozens of high profile cases involving the federal Clean Water Act, federal Endangered Species Act, Public Trust Doctrine, California Environmental Quality Act, and other local and state land use, environmental, and administrative laws.


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